recent exhibitions

Katinka Pilscheur: 30-09-2015
curated by Christine Heidemann
Ausstellungsraum IG Metall, Berlin

HP Zimmer: Steckbrief
curated by Christine Heidemann

Robert Schlotter: Beyond Cold War

book release and presentation of photographs
at the RECEPTION exhibition space

Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin

The exhibition David Bowie is curated by the Victoria and Albert Museum London. The Berlin stop was organised by the international communications agency Avantgarde. The extension of the Berlin section related to Bowie's years in Berlin was curated in collaboration with Christine Heidemann / RECEPTION.

recent publication project

Edition No. 12, ed. by Berliner Festpiele with a text on Bowie byand a selection of photos of Berlin in the late 1970s by Esther Friedman, photo spread edited by Christine Heidemann
You find a PDF of the complete edition here.